Terms and Conditions


The price quoted for a Christmas tree includes delivery to the front door of your property of a freshly cut shaped Christmas tree and the collection on one occasion of the same Christmas tree on one of the pre-set days after Christmas.

Excess Charges

CBD and Commercial Clients: We charge extra for deliveries to the CBD due to, inter alia, the extra time involved in parking, negotiating elevators and so forth.

Normal Domestic Clients: We also charge extra should the tree be required to be taken beyond the front entrance to a property, should delivery need to be made within a specified period ( within 30 minutes, although we shall make every effort to be there within a 15 minute period ). The tree needs to be set up in a stand whether or not we supply the stand. Should the tree need to be collected from a place different to nature strip.

Payment for your tree

Payment for your Christmas tree and any other services must be made before delivery unless prior arrangements to the contrary have been agreed. Please refer to payment section for details as to how to pay.


We deliver from late November until just before Christmas. Unless specifically agreed and if necessary an excess charge has been made we are unable to guarantee delivery times due to traffic issues and such like.

We do not deliver to all areas and reserve the right to refuse delivery without providing particular reasons as to why delivery has been refused.

We may charge extra to deliver to certain areas that we consider uneconomical. We reserve the right to charge extra to collect the tree after Christmas not withstanding that we have already charged extra for delivery. We reserve the right to refuse collection of the tree after Christmas even though we may have charged extra for delivery.

Changing your order before delivery

You may change the delivery date, cancel your order or alter the specifications provided we have notice by midday 12.00 pm on the day before your specified date.

We reserve the right to charge you as if supplied should we receive notice after this time. The amount we may charge you could vary from the full amount or may be reduced by the amount that we are able to resell your tree.

Changing your order after delivery

If having had your tree delivered you wish to change it for one of say differing height ect.

We shall charge you a minimum fee of $38. However we reserve the right to refuse exchange, especially if it is to an area outside of our normal delivery zone.

Any request to change your tree must be made within 24 hours of delivery. The tree must have been kept in shaded cool conditions, in water. We reserve the right to refuse exchange of your tree if it is in a poor condition. Trees will ordinarily be exchanged within 3 days of notification.

Setting up of trees

We are able to set up your tree for you. We would ordinarily use one of our stands but we will use your stand provided it is in a workable condition.

We charge extra for setting up trees and these changes are as detailed on the pricing page. These prices include a set up time of one hour. We reserve the right to charge you extra, at the rate of 40 dollars per hour or part of, should it take longer. Please note all trees are slightly different and whilst we carefully select our trees on occasion one may simply not stand up in which case we will exchange if for a similar specification tree.

Your tree may be set up by the person who delivers your tree or by someone else as we deliver trees from the morning onwards. Set up times will be pre arranged when the booking is made.Trees over 8ft may well take longer than one hour to set up and we charge accordingly.

Privacy Policy

We do not forward, sell or pass on any information you may have provided to us unless with your express written permission, not withstanding any legal requirements to disclose such information. We are happy to provide you with any information we have about you and we shall do so as soon as reasonably possible. All information received will be treated as strictly confidential.

We do save all emails received until such time as our legal obligations are extinguished.

We do not collect any personal information on our website visitors through cookies and such like. The type of information we collect, inter alia, includes your address, contact email, contact phone numbers and details of prior purchases.

Contact details Privacy:

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Phone 0450 207 886 and 0449 644 726