Frequently Asked Questions

Are your trees fresh ?

Absolutely, we grow them ourselves. Perhaps that is an advantage of purchasing trees direct from the grower. Normally the tree will be cut on the day of delivery. If it is to be delivered overnight it will be cut in the late afternoon when the temperature has cooled down.

How long will a fresh Christmas tree last?

If you follow our Care Instructions below it will last till Christmas Day and beyond. Of course a Christmas tree is a living thing and will deteriorate as time passes. Ideally the best time to have your tree delivered is closer to the day you require it. If you have an early December function then a few days before would be appropriate. If you would like it to look great on Christmas Day then it should be delivered closer to then as opposed to late November.

How do I care for my Christmas tree?

The ideal way is to position your tree away from direct sunlight, in as cool a place as possible, in a bucket or a purpose made Christmas tree stand filled with water. Natural water is fine, additives make no difference. However it’s important that the water does not run out or else the butt of the tree will seal up and even if you refill the stand with water it will be unable to suck up any more water as Christmas trees form an impermeable resin seal. Should you forget to refill the stand for a day or two the only solution in order for your Christmas tree to suck up more water is for you to take the tree down and make a fresh cut of 3 – 4 cms off the bottom of the tree so that it is able to replenish itself again.

When do you start delivering?

From late November until close to Christmas Day. We deliver most days, however in some areas we may visit a few times a week. On occasion we may be fully booked out on a particular day, it does not happen often, but we will do our utmost to deliver on that day or failing that the one following. To get your tree delivered the following day we must have received your order by midday of the day before.

Does someone need to be in attendance when the tree is delivered?

No. We deliver during the day. We shall leave your tree outside the front of your property in a secure shaded spot.

What if I need to be in attendance, can I set a specific time?

Yes we can arrange this but there would be an additional charge. We will ordinarily deliver within a 20 minute period. If we are delayed due for example to traffic congestion we will notify you.

What if I would like to change my tree due to it’s size?

We can change it for a larger or smaller tree but there would be a service charge of $30.
Please contact us immediately as we are only able to change trees if the original is in good condition.

How can I stand my tree up?

We supply purpose built Christmas Tree Stands. They make standing the tree up simple and have an inbuilt water container. (Which needs to be filled and refilled with water.)
Please click here.

Can you set up my tree?

Yes we can. Please click here.