Booking Collection of Your Tree

Included in the price Christmas Trees on the Run charge is collection of your Christmas Tree, (and stand if only on hire), on one visit only. **

Trees will be collected on four (4) different days:

Tuesday 7 January 2020
Wednesday 8 January 2020
Thursday 9 January 2020
Friday 10 January 2020

See Delivery Dates – collection date corresponds to your day of delivery.

Business Clients ONLY Collection Dates

(Collection during office hours only)

Friday 20 December 2019
Friday 27 December 2019
Thursday 2 January 2020
Monday 6 January 2020
Monday 13 January 2020

Christmas Trees on the Run are unable to collect Christmas trees on any other days.

** If your Christmas tree and stand ( if hired ) are not left out on the day you have booked for collection we shall make an additional charge to return to collect your tree. This is quite simply because we calculate our prices for one visit to your property to collect the tree. Please refer to our terms and conditions.


1. On booking your Christmas tree we shall ask you to nominate your preferred pick up day for collection of your tree.

2. Your Christmas tree must be left out on your nature strip or outside the property the night before.

(Christmas Trees on the Run collect Christmas trees through the night and the day, ie from midnight. Eg If your Christmas tree collection day is 6 January it should be left out on the night of 5 January.)

3. Your price includes one visit to collect your Christmas tree.

4. If you are unable to leave your tree outside, eg an office. Christmas Trees on the Run shall arrange a time a.m. or p.m to collect the tree. There will be an extra charge for this service, normally $25.

Please note: We are unable to give specific collection times. We pick up in the most efficient manner which means we need to be flexible for example unforeseen traffic holdups.

On occasion, we may be unable to collect your Christmas tree on the nominated day. Eg due to heavy traffic or large numbers of Christmas trees to be collected on a particular day. Should this occur we shall collect it the following day.

If you suspect we may have missed collection of your Christmas tree please contact us by email at or by phone: 0450 207 886 or 0449 644 726 and leave a message. (We do pick up all messages but are simply too busy to respond to all calls as we operate on skeleton staff at that time of the year.)